eco-cannabis - No seeds hemp tea (150g) - Eco Certified (HR-EKO-07) eco-cannabis - No seeds hemp tea (150g) - Eco Certified (HR-EKO-07) No seeds hemp tea (150g) - Eco certified (HR-EKO-07) No seeds hemp tea (150g) - Eco certified (HR-EKO-07)

No seeds hemp tea (150g) - Eco certified (HR-EKO-07)



With almost no seed, this pack is best for smoking and inhaling. CBD hemp tea made from pure hemp flowers and correspondingly rich in ingredients such as CBD (2 - 4% CBD). This hemp tea is a completely legal stimulant. Made from cannabis sativa / edible hemp. Hemp plants that contain very little of the drug tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are considered food hemp. Cannabis approved in the EU contains little cannabis oil (THC <0,2%), which is absolutely safe even when consumed in large quantities.

Hemp flower tea: Most of the ingredients form the hemp in the inflorescence in the so-called "milk ripeness" and accordingly also contain seeds. This particularly intense hemp tea is extremely rich and is particularly suitable for people who are particularly important for a high CBD content. The taste is intense due to the high proportion of cannabis resin, bitter pepper, and the tea is best boiled or refined with milk. The plants were picked by hand in late summer and dried gently.

The full aroma and ingredients are well preserved. Also ideal for baking and cooking! Hemp is harvested in such a way that the natural content of cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid is as high as possible because the full spectrum of cannabinoids is retained. The tea is only harvested by hand when hemp seeds are growing and the buds are growing because they are full of resins and cannabinoids.