Hemp milk tea

10 people serve
Lead time 00h 30
Cooking time 01h 00
This hemp milk tea is perfect to prepare and drink with the whole family at Christmas or any time you feel like it. There is nothing better than the smell of hemp in your kitchen. Not only does this simple hemp milk tea taste fantastic, it's also very easy to prepare, making it a great recipe for the little ones in the family. Here is our hemp tea recipe for the next cuddly season!


1 / 4 TL hemp leaves
2 cups of milk
5-6 strands saffron
1 cardamom crushed
Dried rose leaves ½ gram
1 TL Honey Optional


1. Cook milk
2. Add the hemp leaves, saffron rose leaves and cardamom to the milk and allow to cook for 6-8 minutes
3. Keep it on a low flame.
4. Stop the flame when the milk starts to rise due to cooking.
5. Pour the tea into cups.
6. Add honey or sugar to your taste.
7. Serve hot.