Hemp chocolate

Hemp chocolateThis hemp chocolate is perfect for kids and the rest of the family at Christmas or any time you feel like it. There is nothing better than the smell of hemp in your kitchen. This simple hemp chocolate not only tastes fantastic, but is also very easy to prepare, making it a great recipe for the little ones in the family. Here is our recipe for hemp chocolate, ready for the cuddly season!



        • 1 / 4 TL hemp leaves
        • Any good brand chocolate
        • 1 / 2 TL almonds crushed
        • 1 / 2 TL cashews crushed
        • 1 cardamom crushed



      1. Put a frying pan on the burner 
      2. Add chocolate and slowly stir it when using a wooden spoon
      3. Add all ingredients and mix well
      4. Stop the burner and pour the mixture into the molds or the tray.
      5. In the tray it is very easy to cut the chocolate after it has hardened.
      6. Enjoy the nutritious hemp chocolate.




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